Now a day’s diseases related to faulty life style are on the rise. There is tremendous pressure to perform in society and this pressure leads to long working hours along with no proper routine of dietary habits. Health has taken a hit with getting the least ranking on our priority list leading us to different diseases. These diseases have quick fix solutions of popping a pill to somehow manage the symptoms. Irony of this situation is this that these quick fix remedies somehow manage the symptoms but do not cure the disease leading to graver consequences. One such disease is #Migraine.

It is characterized by recurrent headaches which may be moderate to severe in nature. Typically it is unilateral, pulsating in nature and lasting for 4-72 hrs. It is accompanied by photophobia (aversion to light), phonophobia (aversion to sound) and nausea or vomiting. There are two types of migraine such as


  1. Migraine (without aura)
  2. Migraine (with aura)


  • Hormonal
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Dietary
  • Environmental
  • Medicinal

According to #Ayurveda Migraine can be considered as “Pittaj Shirah Shool”. It occurs due to the increased pitta dosha in the body. There are many factors responsible for increase in pitta dosha which are also categorized as main causes of migraine in the conventional medicine. Those factors are

  1. Missed, delayed or irregular meals.
  2. Alcohol consumption, smoking.
  3. Tea and coffee
  4. Strong smells
  5. Physical and mental stress
  6. Poor quality sleep
  7. Changes in estrogen during periods.
  8. Overuse of some medications like sleeping pills, combined contraceptive pills and HRT/hormone replacement therapy.
  9. Containing natural urges.

All above habits lead to increase in pitta dosha and vata dosha. Vata dosha being lighter and chala guna pradhan in nature moves pitta upwards and triggers the attack.


There’s a saying

“Once a migraineur always a migraineur” but

Migraine can be treated by using #Ayurvedic principles of diet, lifestyle and medicine (aahar, vihaar aur aushadh). It has been seen that subtle changes in dietary and lifestyle habits along with certain Ayurvedic formulations works wonders.

Dietary and lifestyle changes that help to treat Migraine are following

  • Three meals and three snacks a day which contains breakfast. Lunch and dinner interspersed with fruits at regular intervals.
  • One should avoid refined flour (maida), chilled water or any refrigerated food product, curd and tea or coffee.
  • Stop alcohol, soft drinks and smoking as well.
  • Proper sleep pattern especially the time to get up.
  • Exercise also plays important role.

Other than living a healthy and quality disciplined life “#PANCHKARMA” has been very effective as it cleanses the whole body internally and helps to maintain the equilibrium of the three doshas i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It also helps to reduce the internal swelling in intestines. Most of the times migraine patients have internal swelling with raised liver enzymes. Panchkarma helps to improve liver function as well as over all well being leading to relief in disease.

In the nutshell it can easily be said that Migraine is a lifestyle disease and it can be treated through lifestyle correction, proper diet plan, some #Ayurvedic #medications ad Panchkarma.