Case Report


A 26 year old female suffering from Dyspnoea, anorexia and vertigo went to a doctor where she was prescribed with medications and advised to undergo some investigations. Investigations established that she was suffering from Anemia. She continued her treatment for about 6 months but there was no improvement whatsoever. Her condition neither improved nor deteriorated. As she was not doing well she was suggested to under go blood transfusion (B.T.). For some reasons she declined to under go B.T. One of the patients of Sanjeevani Arogya Sankalp (SAS) suggested her to go to SAS in December 2009. At SAS she was prescribed with medication as well as a strict diet chart. Over the period of last 4-5 months her condition has drastically improved and her Hb has gone up to 10.5 gm/dl from meager 5gms/dl. She is still under treatment and doing well.


A 21 years old male had ano-rectal bleeding along with intense pain at the time of defecation in the month of December 2009.He consulted a conventional doctor for that and was prescribed with medications which helped him initially in relieving the pain but there was no relief from bleeding. This led to anemia causing exertional Dyspnoea. As his condition was getting aggravated he decided to consult doctors at Chatrapati Sahuji Maharaj Medical University, Lucknow. There he was diagnosed with Grade II hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids prolapse upon defecation but spontaneously reduce) in February 2010 and was advised to undergo surgery. As he was not willing to undergo surgery someone known to him suggested to go to Sanjeevani Arogya Sankalp (SAS). He came to SAS on 5th February 2010 and was prescribed with medication along with certain lifestyle changes. Since then he has neither had any bleeding nor any pain. His hemorrhoids have also dried up. The patient is doing well and is on regular follow up.


A 28 years old male suffering from Asthma since last 12 years was on medication and using inhaler pumps as often as 20 to 25 times a day and was not even able to work properly reported to Sanjeevani Arogya Sankalp (SAS) on 27th December 2009. Doctors at SAS prescribed certain medications that helped him to lower down the frequency of inhaler pumps usage. Over the period of last three and a half months his inhaler pump usage has gone down to as low as once in 15 days. He is also able to work outdoors without any worries. The patient has been doing well and is on regular follow up.



A 49 year old male felt itching in the palmer region of both the upper limbs in April 2008 which he ignored for the time being. In the next one and half months he developed cracks and cuts due to which he decided to consult a doctor on which he went to Civil hospital, Lucknow. There it was diagnosed to be psoriasis in June 2008. He was prescribed with medications which initially provided some relief but after few days the condition aggravated, so he decided to consult a dermatologist in July 2008. He continued his medication for five months but there was neither relief nor any reprieve. So he decided to try some alternative medicine.


Some one known to him suggested trying Homeopathic medicine. For that he consulted a Homeopathic physician in district Sultanpur in the month of November 2008. He was prescribed with some medication which gave him some reprieve initially but over the period of next five months there was no relief, instead, the disease aggravated. So he again switched to conventional treatment in March 2009 and took medicine from Civil Hospital for five months with no positive effect. He was suffering so much that he decided to consult doctors at National Homeopathic Medical College, Lucknow in August 2009 and continued medication till November 2009.

As his disease was getting worse day by day, his friend suggested him to go to Sanjeevani Arogya Sankalp as he himself was being treated over there for his problems. At Sanjeevani Arogya Sankalp he was prescribed with certain medicines along with certain changes in food habits and lifestyle. In a months time all his cracks healed and there have been no new cuts at all. He has been on the regular follow up since then. He is doing well and is in good health.