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Marma Abhyanga

Marma Abhyanga

Ayurvedic Full Body Massage Treatment

Ayurvedic Body Massage is a purifying and invigorating therapy which combines traditional Ayurvedic massage techniques and acupressure of Marma points (specific energy centres), promoting healing, releasing physical and emotional blockages, helping to eliminate toxins from the system, regenerating the whole body for renewed health and vitality. Marma Abhyanga treatment involves massage with warm organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic sesame oil (or other oil if requested by the client) which can be combined with unique Ayurvedic herbal oils leaving skin naturally revitalized.

Avurveda body massage is recommended for the following symptoms Rheumatism, muscular tension, joint stiffness, fatigue, insomnia, detox, reduction of the signs of aging, obesity, arthritis, stress and its related conditions, digestive disorders, IBS, colitis, dry skin, sciatica, PMS and painful menstruation in particular.

Full Body Massage Treatment
Ayurvedic Full Body Massage Treatment

Makes the body light, active & energetic

Ayurvedic Massage in Lucknow

Increase body heat & improves circulation

Ayurvedic Full Body Massage

Rejuvenates & preserves youthful qualities

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