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Elimination Or Purgation Therapy.

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Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic treatment classified as elimination or purgation therapy. An intensive and purifying course of treatment, it is offered in its highest quality form. Panchakarma consists of five types of treatment to cleanse the body of toxins, restoring it to a state of purity and balance.

Panchkarma is not a massage therapy or oil therapy, however oil therapies are performed as a preparatory process called poorvakarma. Panchakarma is aimed at complete expulsion of unbalanced humors of body and purification of channels of circulation. The required therapy is choosen after detailed analysis of doshas of your body. This therapy can be implemented not only for curing ailments but also for maintainig health.

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Five Operation In Ayurvedic Medicinal System

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Vamana, also known as medical emesis or medical vomiting, is one of the five Pradhana Karmas of Panchakarma which is used in treating Kapha disorders. It is carried-out in the early morning on empty stomach.

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Virechan means administration of purgative for the purpose of eradicating dosha from the body. It is mainly done to eradicate the aggravated pitta dosha in the body. Virechan karma is to be performed on the sunny day.

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Nasya is a kind of Panchakarma treatment for body cleansing a used in Ayurvedic medicine. Administration of drugs by the route of nasal cavity. Creates reduction in the signs and symptoms of cervical spondylosis by nasya.

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Nirooh Vasti

It is also known as astthapan vasti and performs the function of clearance and purification. It has to be kept in mind the nirooh vasti should never to be given after meals; it should only be administered before meals.

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Anuvasan Vasti

It is also known as Snehan vasti. It consists of oil ghee or vasa (animal fats) and medications. It is indicated in people who have voracious appetite, in person who are very ruksh or in those afflicted by pure vata.

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